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About Us

The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) was formed in 1989, following meetings over several years of Guide Dog organisations around the World. The history of the federation is covered in the section "Facts and Figures".

The IGDF is comprised of over 95 member organisations, whose purpose is to serve people who are blind or vision impaired around the world, by training and providing Guide Dogs. It has a growing and thriving membership with a small executive office based in Reading, UK. Details about membership are covered in the section "Membership Information".

What does belonging to the IGDF mean to its members?

First and foremost, membership of the IGDF enables Guide Dog organisations around the world to join a community dedicated to serving people with vision impairment.  The IGDF facilitates a sharing of knowledge, experience, highest quality standards, methodologies and help for new or existing schools wanting to improve the quality of their operations.  All of this is focused on improving the safe independent mobility of blind and vision impaired people throughout the world.

Membership provides:

  • An Accreditation and Assessment process which ensures that operational standards are maintained and improved in relation to the world benchmark high quality standard
  • A biennial seminar to facilitate exchange of information
  • The IGDF office acts as a communication hub, which keeps members informed, manages the website, facilitates links to areas of expertise
  • A quarterly International professional journal
  • The ability to get advice about breeding, Guide Dog Instructor or dog training, facility set up and management, access, marketing, fundraising and operational management
  • The sharing of ideas and experiences
  • Possible exchange of puppies, dogs or genetic material
  • The opportunity for personal development of members' staff by being an Assessor or member of the Board or through staff exchange secondments
  • The use of the IGDF logo - a symbol of highest quality
  • Legitimacy for lobbying on access issues, etc

This website is one of the key ways that members can communicate with each other and the IGDF office.  This is your website so please email any comments or suggestions for improvement to enquiries@igdf.org.uk