Our Mission

Our Mission is to support our members in their efforts to encourage and advance the provision of guide dogs as a safe means of independent mobility for people who are blind or have low vision.

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About Us

Find out more about IGDF, our organisational structure, activities, and who we are.

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IGDF Conference

A round up of the 2023 IGDF conference can be found on the members section of our website under ‘What’s New’

2023 IGDF Conference

Travelling with your assistance dog

Useful information from GDUK about travelling with your assistance dog: 

 Travelling with your assistance dog

Guidance for airports on assisting guide dog users during the pandemic

GDB TSE Airport Video

GDB TSE Airport Video Transcript

Education Portal

The new IGDF members only  education portal has now been launched.

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IGDF Podcasts

Welcome to our new podcasts page featuring interviews and information from the IGDF world.

IGDF Podcasts

History of IGDF

It all started at conferences in France and London. Learn about how IGDF became the foundation it is today.

Learn about the History of IGDF

Find a Guide Dog Provider Near You

With 95 member organisations worldwide, there is a provider near you.

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Guide Dog Help

Use our online guide dog reference to answer your questions about guide dogs.

Guide Dog reference

Why Become an IGDF Member?

Membership of the International Guide Dog Federation has a multitude of benefits. By becoming a member of the IGDF, an organisation gains access to a worldwide community of institutions dedicated to providing and improving safe, independent mobility of blind and visually impaired people.

IGDF members may use the IGDF logo to demonstrate their compliance with the IGDF Standards. Other membership benefits include; access to member-only content and resources, access to development support and advice, regular news and technical updates, and the ability to attend IGDF’s bi-annual Seminar.

IGDF also offers development support to new guide dog organisations through Applicant and Enquiring Organisation Status. Applicant and Enquiring Organisations can access developmental support and advice from the IGDF Development Committee to help build and develop guide dog services.

Guide Dog FAQs

How Do I Train my Dog?

 IGDF certifies organisations that train guide dogs. IGDF does not train or certify individual dogs. All guide dogs trained by an IGDF member organisation will have met that organisation’s own training requirements which are regularly reviewed and verified by IGDF.

How Do I Apply for a Guide Dog?

Each IGDF member organisation operates their own application and assessment process for being matched with a guide dog. You can find your closest IGDF member organisation (LINK) and follow their application process.

Can You Train Any Dog to be a Guide Dog?

Training a guide dog is a long and complex process, which needs to start early in a dog’s life. Not all dogs will have the temperament to be a guide dog. You can apply for a guide dog by contacting your closest IGDF member organisation. A guide dog provided by an IGDF member organisation is safe and has been trained in accordance with modern, humane standards.