New guide dog organizations should consider the following stages of development, which facilitate and speed up their progress towards a high standard of operation in all key elements, and accreditation by the IGDF. 

A) Pre-requisite for receiving support from IGDF Development Committee: Establish legal entity and governance structure

Organisations should establish an appropriate registered legal entity in their country. This is a pre-requisite for receiving support from the Development Committee. Management model templates are available through the IGDF. Legal and management structures vary widely around the world.  

B) Become an IGDF Enquiring Organisation 

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an Enquiring Organisation and how to apply here:  

C) Develop collaborative relationships with organisations working with blind people in your country/region

  • Develop educational opportunities including Orientation and Mobility (O&M); 
  • Develop pathways to make your organisation known; 
  • Develop sources for applications; 
  • Add your voice to access and advocacy work.

D) Collaborate with other IGDF organisations 

  • Explore mentoring and training opportunities 
  • Develop breeding and dog supply cooperation 
  • Fundraising advice 


Overview of different models for running GD Training and Client Services may be acquired through IGDF 

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