Named in honour of Dorothy Leib Harrison Wood Eustis, the renowned American dog breeder and philanthropist who founded The Seeing Eye, Inc (the world’s oldest existing guide dog school), the IGDF Dorothy Award is presented to the IGDF Member organisation voted to have had the most memorable TV and / or Social Media advertisement / Campaign.

There are many great efforts directed towards educating the general population about the work and value of guide dogs. Aimed at creating greater understanding and access for the many thousands of Guide Dogs Handlers, these efforts also help generate the much-needed funds required to provide the services we offer and provide.

Through the presentation of this award, we aim to recognise the efforts and creativity of this key area of our business.

Nominations are sought by the IGDF Board in advance of the IGDF Seminar – at which shortlisted entries are viewed and voted on by members prior to the formal presentation to winning organisation at the Gala Dinner.