Welcome to the IGDF Podcast page.

IGDF Podcasts are produced and delivered by IGDF Communications Committee member John Welsman. John is the Customer Experience Lead (Operations Projects) at Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in the UK and is an experienced broadcaster.

You can read more about John on our Communications Committee webpage.

International Guide Dog Day 2024

International Guide Dog Day 2024 – Australia Interview

GDMI signted guiding a guide dog owner through an office with her dog

International Guide Dog Day 2024 – Japan Interview

International Guide Dog Day 2024 – USA interview

Man seated on a curb with his guide dog next to an ambulance

Partner, Companion, Servant or Tool

retired and current guide dogs lay beside their owner

Access for guide dog owners in France


man and yellow labrador sitting on grass next to the beach

IGDF Accreditation Committee and its new assessors

John interviews Susan Armstrong and the four new IGDF assessors.

Introduction to IGDF Education Platform – Moodle

John interviews Education Committee member, Lee Buckingham about the new education platform

Launch of IGDF on Social Media

John interviews IGDF’s new Social Media Contractor Dani Prebensen about the launch of IGDF’s social media channels

International Guide Dog Day 2023

Join us in celebrating International Guide Dog Day on Wednesday 26th April, 2023.

IGDF Conference 2023 Podcast

Including interviews with IGDF Chair, Bill Thornton and Conference Programme Committee Chair, Christine Baroni-Pretsch, this podcast will give you an overview of what to expect from this year’s 2023 IGDF conference.