IGDF Conferences

The IGDF Conference is the biennial international conference for guide dog professionals. It features a range of speakers, workshops, and plenary sessions on all aspects of the guide dog sector. It also includes a gala dinner and the awards ceremony for the Derek Freeman Scholarship, Ken Lord Award, and IGDF Dorothy Award. See the individual IGDF Awards page for further information about these awards, the nominations process, and lists of previous winners.

Group photo at IGDF Wokingham in 1986.
Group photo of IGDF Wokingham in 1988.

Next Conference

IGDF is please to announce it’s next face-to-face conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada in April 2023. Information and registration for all IGDF Member Organisations, IGDF Applicant and Enquiring Organisations and IGDF Affiliate Organisations can be found here.

Presentation Library

IGDF is in the process of developing a library of presentations including those delivered at previous Seminars. This resource is available to all IGDF Members, Affiliates, Applicant Organisations and Enquiring Organisations and can be found here.

List of Previous Seminars

1973: Paris, France
1976: London, UK
1983: Vienna, Austria
1986: Wokingham, UK
1988: Wokingham, UK
1990: Leamington Spa, UK
1992: Reading, UK
1994: Reading, UK
1995: Reading, UK
1996: France
1998: USA
2000: Warwick, UK
2002: Seoul, South Korea
2004: Lenk, Switzerland

2006: New York, USA
Hosted by Guide Dog Foundation, Guiding Eyes, and The Seeing Eye, USA
2008: London, UK
Hosted by Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
2010: Ottawa, Canada
Hosted by Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind
2012: Paris, France
Hosted by The French Federation of Guide Dog Associations
2014: Tokyo, Japan
Hosted by Japan Guide Dog Association
2016: Hvar, Croatia
Hosted by Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association
2018: Sydney, Australia
Hosted by Guide Dogs Australia