IGDF Standards Overview

The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) is the industry-elected body responsible for the development, monitoring and evaluation of the standards applied within all IGDF-member organisations, and to which all Enquiry and Applicant organisations aspire, in order to ensure equity of high-quality service to guide dog users and handlers around the world.

It can take many years for a new organisation to achieve the required standards which will enable them to become an IGDF Member. All member organisations are re-assessed on a 5-yearly basis to ensure that the standards are maintained before their ongoing accreditation is approved.

The standards themselves go into great detail and cover the following key areas:

Standard 1 – Administration, Risk Management and Business Continuity

Standard 2 – Staff Education and Professional Development

Standard 3 – Client Services

Standard 4 – Breeding and Dog Supply

Standard 5 – Dog Training and Behavour

Standard 6 – Dog Health and Welfare

Standard 7 – Facilities and Kennels

A full copy of the IGDF Standards is only available to IGDF Members, Applicant Organisations, Enquiring Organisations and Affiliate Organisations under the member’s resources section of the website, or by emailing enquiries@igdf.org.uk

For non-IGDF organisations, an overview of the IGDF Standards can be found here.