Visionary is the international journal of the IGDF. It is produced 3 times each year and contains articles and updates from around the world. Each issue has a special theme, but also contains topical articles of general interest, as well as updates from the IGDF Chair, Office, and Communications Committee on what is going on.

In March 2021, we launched a new Visionary Podcast. This is a 40-minute podcast based on the Visionary magazine. The podcast is hosted and edited by John Welsman of Guide Dogs UK, an experienced broadcaster who is also a guide dog owner. It includes all the content featured in the magazine and is a great alternative way to keep up to date on all the international guide dog news.

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July 2022

Special topic: International Guide Dog Day 2022

Main Articles:
Helicopter Rescue of Visually Impaired and Guide Dogs in Times of Disasters
Scuola Nazionale Cani Guida per Ciechi and Guide Dogs of America Collaborate
International Guide Dog Day, Korea: “Thank you! We will remember you forever!”


March 2022

Special topic: Changes in practise as a result of the global pandemic

Main Articles:
The Future For International Standards
Puppy Raisers App: Gur Report
Preparing Guide Dogs Amidst a Global Pandemic
The Joy of Going Out For Everyone!

November 2021

Special topic: International Sporting Achievements and the Tokyo Olympics

Main Articles:
Mathilda Guide Dogs Celebrates 10 years, and tribute to Countess Mathilda Nostitz
The Canada – Australia project
Transitioning International Guide Dog Federation to become an accredited certification body
IGDF Conference 2022

July 2021

Special topic: International Guide Dog Day

Main Articles:
Members to Benefit from Generous Support
Guide Dog Climate in Singapore
Sticker Art Project to Promote Accessibility

March 2021 Visionary Magazine and Podcast - Click the image to open the issue in a new tab

March 2021

Special topic: Educating Guide Dogs During the Pandemic

Main Articles:
John Gosling AM
Introducing the Visionary Podcast
Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dogs Training Centre
Update on ISO Standards

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