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IGDF Members E-Newsletter April 2024
Organization: Guide Dogs of America
Location: Sylmar, CA
Job Type: Full time
Deadline: August 11, 2023

Job Description

Contact at organisation: Kristine Wallace, Guide Dogs of America

Phone: 8188336439


Job Purpose: This full-time exempt position is responsible for recruiting and coordinating student admissions for GDA/TLC’s service dog program, managing operational, administrative, and social services pertaining to service dog applicants, students, and graduates and supporting all Admissions/Graduate Services and Client Services team members.

Essential Functions:

  • Liaise with leadership to make decisions for client services activities and set strategic goals
  • Collaborate with leadership to ensure quality and facilitate growth of program
  • Continual development of recruitment options to meet the organization’s needs
  • Manage client services communications for admissions, clients and graduates including telephone calls, e-mails and website inquiries
  • Oversee application process to ensure documents are completed for assessment
  • Manage admissions process, including processing applications, conducting interviews, requesting and maintaining records, checking references, correspondence, and follow-up
  • Participate with Selection Committee in accepting students to program and selecting students for class
  • Maintain current client services database
  • Prepare student profiles for instructors prior to the beginning of class and support instructors during class
  • Collaborate with Senior Manager of Admissions/Graduate Services to coordinate with housekeeping and food service providers to schedule and ensure adequate staffing appropriate meals service, pre class setup and post class clean up
  • Coordinate some class events, guests and volunteer interactions and other class-related matters
  • Manage outreach efforts and events for client recruitment
  • Maintain a qualified group of volunteers for outreach and development programs including public relations, recruitment, and advocacy
  • Manage post-graduate support processes to enhance client satisfaction
  • Meet GDA/TLC, IGDF and ADI standards
  • Working in a prison environment and interacting with inmates, as needed; must pass a prison background check to enter the prison
  • Travel and working weekends, nights, and holidays as needed
  • Other duties, projects, and special tasks, as assigned

Essential Physical Requirements:

  • Stand, walk long distances indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Push, pull, reach overhead and bend to the floor
  • Ability to lift up to 60 pounds; must possess the physical strength to lift healthy, potentially strong, large breed dogs
  • Ability to handle and control a large breed dog
  • Must be able to travel independently
  • Ability to exert 20 to 50 pounds of force including pushing or moving objects
  • Ability to wear protective gear including masks, gloves, goggles, boots
  • Ability to tolerate elevated noise levels – barking dogs
  • Visual ability required to see and read dog’s reaction to environment and distractions, read forms, documentation and computer screen
  • Hearing ability required to interact with dogs, trainers, clients, and volunteers
  • Walking through a prison yard and interacting with inmates


  • 18+ years of age
  • High School diploma or GED; Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Valid California driver’s license in good standing
  • Current US passport
  • Experience working with an ADI or IGDF accredited organization preferred
  • Management experience preferred
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Excel, Word), SharePoint, and CRM database management programs such as Salesforce preferred
  • Experience with decision-making, independent judgment and problem solving
  • Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Planning, prioritizing and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines as well as work as part of a team and in a team environment
  • High degree of self-motivation
  • Attention to detail and accuracy

How to Apply

Qualified candidates please send cover letter and resume to