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IGDF Members E-Newsletter April 2024
Organization: Guide Dogs of America
Location: Sylmar, CA
Job Type: Full time
Deadline: March 13, 2021

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for ensuring operations comply with all state and federal laws regarding the practice of veterinary medicine on site.

Provide and/or manage professional veterinary care, including surgery, radiography and internal medicine, for dogs brought to the veterinary clinic.

Ensure appropriate staffing, training, retraining, monitoring, evaluation and recognition of direct and indirect reports and volunteers within the Vet department.

Responsible for efficient workflow, assuring timely quality care and service for all dogs.

Evaluate standards of care to ensure GDA is up to date with current standards.

Develop and manage local preferred veterinarian networks to provide the desired standard of care and services for the medical needs of all GDA dogs.

Establish and negotiate preferred provider rates and consistent treatment protocols for all veterinarian service providers.

Develop standard operating procedures and clinical protocol as appropriate.

Participate in strategic planning process.

Confer with outside veterinarians, caring for GDA dogs to assure that their recommended treatment is consistent with our protocols and other conditions, and that results are appropriately documented and reported.

Participate in authorizing outside veterinary care according to our policy and procedures.

Consult with breeder keepers, puppy raisers, graduates and dogs up for adoption concerning their dogs’ care by phone, email and when appropriate in person.

Update veterinary concepts through continuing education.

After hours emergency phone consults.

Manage inventory, storage systems and vendor relations to maintain an appropriate level of all supplies, drugs and equipment and tracks expenses.

Process invoices, expense reimbursements and other paperwork related to inventory control.

Manage service contracts with outside vendors, clinics, hospitals, etc.


Must be a licensed Veterinarian, licensed to practice in the state of California

Must have 3+ years veterinary experience

Ability to organize, meet deadlines, delegate tasks, evaluate and supervise work force

Possess strong interpersonal skills and be able to communicate with all agents

Ability to lead and manage change

Experience in a non-profit environment a plus

Working Conditions

Clinic environment with multiple dogs

Works mainly indoors

Share office space

Five day workweek 9am-5pm (Saturday)

Some on call for emergency phone calls required

Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift a minimum of 60 lbs. and 80 lbs. with assistance

Must be able to stand for long periods.

Travel maybe required