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Organization: Southeastern Guide Dogs
Location: Palmetto, Florida USA
Job Type: Full time
Deadline: August 6, 2021

Job Description

Contact at organisation: Shannon Starline

Phone Number: 941-845-1875

Address: 4210 77th Street E

Postal Code: 34221

Fax: 941-479-2341




Southeastern Guide Dogs seeks an experienced, Certified Guide Dog Trainer. This is an exciting position for an energetic individual with a proven track record in providing instruction to students for the safe and effective management of a guide dog. Candidates must have a demonstrated ability to troubleshoot guide team problems, work effectively as part of a positive team, and provide ongoing support to graduates.


Guide Dog Trainers are Certified by individual Guide Dog Schools during the course of employment. All Guide Dog Trainers complete a three-year Apprenticeship in accordance to the specializations set forth by the International Guide Dog Federation. Southeastern Guide Dogs is only accepting applications from individuals who have completed an Apprenticeship and are already Certified by a Guide Dog School. If you do not meet this requirement, please apply for another open position.


A Certified Guide Dog Trainer will train and evaluate dogs for work as Guide Dogs. Instruct students on the care and partnership with their dog. Under the leadership of manager and director, this position will train up to 4-8 dogs at a time to ensure the best possible success and positive experience for our dogs and guide dog handlers. This position will support and adhere to the principles of positive reinforcement curriculum.

Qualified candidates will meet the following:

  • Certification as a Guide Dog Trainer by an accredited Guide Dog school (REQUIRED)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Preferred)
  • Exceptional writing, communication and public speaking skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment