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Organization: Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
Location: 371 E. Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown, NY 11787
Job Type: Full time
Deadline: December 31, 2022

Job Description

Contact at organisation: Loretta Quis, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.

Phone: 6319309031


Position Title: Assistant Community Puppy Program Manager
Full time
Reports to: Community Puppy Program Manager
Team: Training

Under the supervision of the Puppy Program Manager, supports continued development and oversight of Puppy Program activities. Emphasis on recruitment and growth of Puppy Department volunteer programs. Requires thorough understanding of puppy development and activities of future assistance puppies. Strong public speaking skills and communication are necessary.

This role requires

  • Develop and carry out recruitment strategies to increase Puppy Raiser community capacity
  • Develop and carry out retention strategies to increase preservation of Puppy Raiser relationships
  • Assess and address Puppy Raiser experience and satisfaction
  • Manage Puppy Raiser Application Process
  • Assist Puppy Program Manager with continued curriculum development and content capture
  • Assist Puppy Program Manager with tracking and oversight of Puppies with a Purpose/high profile puppies and puppy sponsorship assignments
  • Assist Puppy Program Manager with development and oversight of new college puppy raising programs and new remote puppy raising programs
  • Manage puppy program training equipment and supplies
  • Participates in other projects and tasks assigned by Puppy Program Manager
  • Aware of Organizations’ safety rules and procedures, ensuring that the functions of this job are performed in the safest possible manner and encourages co-workers do likewise.


  • Minimum of BA or BS degree or equivalent such as technical degree with 3 to 5 years’ experience in customer or volunteer-oriented service
  • 3 years’ experience with professional dog training and behavior modification
  • 2 year’s minimum experience working with volunteers
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and public speaking skills
  • Excellent time management and ability to multi-task
  • Willingness to travel within employee’s region for meetings and program activities and for intermittent trips to out of state Puppy Raiser groups
  • Ability to connect with and support volunteers, projects, and cohorts virtually and in-person
  • Ability to communicate via voice mail and e-mail efficiently
  • Demonstrates thorough understanding and efficient use of Microsoft Office (i.e., Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
  • Valid driver’s license in good standing

Visual Acuity: Near acuity and accommodation are required for ability to see and read dog’s reaction to environment and distractions, ability to read forms, documentation, and computer screen.

Hearing Ability: Ability to interact with dog, trainers, students, volunteers, and puppy raisers either in an informal way or giving formal instruction through seminar and training exercises. Ability to hear above traffic and other outside noises.

Physical Ability: Employee needs to have the ability to handle a dog in order demonstrate the exercises that are being taught as well as physical strength to handle healthy, potentially strong, large breed puppies.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to: and add “Assistant Prison Puppy Program Mgr.” to the subject line.